In house notes

I have added a new link field to the sidebar, titled weltanschauung (“world view”) to highlight some of the brighter points in my intellectual progress and the continuing development of my world view. It contains posts from the past year or so, some of the contradictory and of lesser or superior quality. Some of them had lengthy and useful comment sections on the old site, which were lost because I was unable to have Haloscan installed on Word Press when I switched from Blogger, and for this I apologize. I will be purging the site of lesser posts soon (those written when I was less informed, more emotional, and less apt at spelling), and will be changing the site significantly in its overall focus (broadening it to a more global one, as I add more of Africa and Latin America to my areas of intensive study, outside of the classroom), or perhaps deleting it entirely within the next year and starting anew. I will most likely change the title as well.



3 thoughts on “In house notes

  1. Not the title you won’t. It’s so good you should copyright it. And Latin America, pshaw! Narco-guerrillas and cattle ranchers the lot of them.

  2. Groan, Alle!

    Nouri, don’t purge the old stuff. There’s no shame in being a young scholar with less-than-perfect spelling and an emotional world view. These entries are vital components of your progression. No one is keeping score.

  3. I agree with Brian, it is never good to hide the former self. It is better to learn through reflection of the past. If you decide to delete your entries, at least archive them for your own archive and perusal.

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