Save Elkader

Talk about an Algerian-American story:

Elkader receives $150,000 in flood relief from Algeria

Pat McTaggart

ELKADER, Iowa – Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has presented the city of Elkader with a gift of $150,000. The donation from the country of Algeria to the Clayton County Disaster Relief Committee is to assist exclusively in the recovery of the citizens of Elkader as they put their community back together.
President Bouteflika also sent a message to the people of Elkader, the first time Elkader has received a message directly from a Head of State.
“We grieve with all the families of Elkader who have suddenly become homeless or have lost their livelihoods and express our deep sympathy as well as our admiration for the way that it is facing adversity with the pioneer spirit of dedicated volunteers and of community solidarity,” Bouteflika wrote in his message.
Emir Abdelkader was the chivalrous leader of Algeria (1832-47) whose love for freedom inspired the Founding Fathers of Elkader to give his name to their community.

Thank the oil money. Via, Western Sahara Info


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