I have not posted recently for three reasons: 1) I started a new job and have been occupied with that, and 2) I cut very badly the tips of three of my fingers on one of my hands (in an accident related to my job), which means that it is very difficult for me to type or do anything else with that hand. 3) I arrived in Connecticut a couple of weeks ago and have been using this time to catch up with friends and relatives, as well as for festivities. I am working on brief posts about Mauritania and Lebanon. My thoughts on the Lebanese deal: a major gain for the opposition/Syria and a major blow to the prestige of the “moderate” Arab regimes (KSA, Egypt, etc.) and to their patrons. It illustrates that the 14 March bloc either believed that they would have Western support for their actions during the crisis earlier this moth, which was clearly not forthcoming, point to either over estimation on their part or poor communication between them and their backers, or a combination of these. They furthermore, must have believed that their position matters far more to the West than it actually does. In any event, there will be at least one post by the end of Monday, if not more.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Nouri,

    Very sorry for your fingers. Hope that you recover soon so that we get more frequent updates from you. About the whole Lebanon story, it just made me sad to watch it. A total waste of lives, time, energy and good will. The Arab League showed again what it really is: a bunch of pansies.

  2. congratulations on 1, sorry about 2, and 3 — well, depends on how you feel about your family and connecticut.

    more mauritania please, lebanon is over-commented anyway.

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