Lady Cochrane

An interesting Monocle interview with Lebanese aristocrat Lady Yvone Cochrane on urban planning in Beirut and its “collapse from an architectural point of view.” She is disgusted by the inconsistency of urban growth and planning in modern Lebanon. Cochrane states that in addition to the exodus of large numbers of young Christians, “all civilized, educated Muslims, they’re all leaving. We’re going to be left with the bottom of the barrel. Yes, that’s the trouble.” Cochrane believes that “only a sort of confederation, Swiss type, with Syria will save Lebanon, after all, we were always a part of Syria” with Lebanon and Syria “united by a common direction”. An interesting point of view.

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One thought on “Lady Cochrane

  1. It might be an interesting point of view about urbanism, but I have the impression that a majority of Lebanese would disagree on the political stance. What could save Lebanon would be that Israeli, Syrians and most of all Iranians back off, let the UN and the Lebanese Army disarm Hezbollah and put Nasrallah in jail for his life of crimes. I know it is never going to happen (unlike Lady Cochrane solution of giving up), but at least that would be a precedent in the Middle-East: justice.

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