There are some things money cannot buy

From 1 April:

“All the old certainties have gone,” said Andrew Brookes, an aerospace expert at Britain’s International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

“The Algerians are learning, like everyone else, that if they’ve got money why should they get … stuff that’s inappropriate when they can get good stuff from French, Europeans, British, Americans and Chinese?”

I would scratch the “Americans” part of that. The United States is not going to be selling Algeria any remotely sophisticated aircraft anytime soon, no matter that Algeria ranks third in terms of military spending in the Arab world. That is one certainty that has remained. When it comes to the Algerian-Moroccan arms race, the United States is firmly on the side of Morocco.


2 thoughts on “There are some things money cannot buy

  1. I love the way this guy says “French, Europeans, British”… and so on. Typical British guy speaking. We all know where their loyalties lie. Certainly not on the (old) continent.

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