“Middle Class” discontent

As Egyptians go to the polls, middle class discontent on the rise”

What Egyptian middle class? In Egypt, like most Arab societies, there is no “middle class,” only the super rich and powerful and the super poor, with a puny layer of middlings, hardly constituting a class on their own. That is a major part of why Egypt is so structurally and socially unstable.


4 thoughts on ““Middle Class” discontent

  1. Hi Nouri!

    I am a political science student whose focus is also on Middle Eastern studies and Asian studies. I just thought I would say hi and tell you that your blog looks great!

    I have just started an international development blog and have been sifting through many wordpress blogs to find others doing similar things, and yours seems to be one of them! Although I don’t write about the political part of my degree, I love to read other blogs that do.

    Glad to see there are other bloggers interested in similar issues that I am! Keep it up!


  2. “That is a major part of why Egypt is so structurally and socially unstable.”

    Or, taking a cue from Marx and others building off his theories in the democratic literature, why democratization cannot really get off the ground: there is no active civil society, you need a powerful middle class to challenge the ruling elite/landed, etc.

  3. Good point Brian. It often takes the middle class to fight the battle of destitution as well, simply because the poor lack the means and resources to stage revolt on their own.

  4. Yeah, it’s all theory with a capital “T”; I don’t know how applicable it is to Egypt. But with a concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a small elite, I’m not surprised things look like they do.

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