Another day

Today’s events across the Middle East should remind [specifically Middle/Near Eastern] Area Studies  students as to why their field is so relevant. Today’s notable happenings include:

  • 1. The escape of several prominent terror suspects from police/state custody in several states across the Middle East.
  • 2. A massive gun battle in Mauritania, a country generally under the radar.
  • 3. Large protests and clashes between demontrators and government forces in southern Yemen, illustrating the brewing anger of the people in the south and even a latent desire to remove the region from Yemen proper.
  • 4. Massive strikes, protests, violent protests, and more troubles with the Muslim Brothers in Egypt.

And there is much more as well. Another day in the Middle East.

Another interesting bit? On Friday, Swedish archaelogists uncovered Arab coins dating from the Viking era.


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