A silly debate on Arab summits

This debate from al-Jazeera’s “The Opposite Direction” illustrates what is wrong with the Arab elite; they are entirely out of touch with reality.* Notice that the Levantine stresses secular Arab identity, where as the Sudanese fellow asks “[w]here would this Arab nation of yours be without Muhammed/Islam?” and repeatedly refers to the Arab nation as the Arab `ummah, as opposed to qawm.

[ The Syrian fellow, who also happens to be the Syrian Culture Minister, defended the Arab summit in Damascus, to which the major Arab states (notably, KSA and Egypt sent permanent representatives to the Arab League or junior ministers; Lebanon did not show up at all) did not send their heads of state, as is customary, by basically saying that it was a success because all Arab states were present, regardless as to whether or not they send actual heads of state or janitors. ]


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