Wikipedia on Geagea

The bio-box on the Wikipedia page for the notorious Lebanese Maronite warlord/militiaman Samir Geagea, who is meeting with American officials this week in Washington, D.C., reads rather interestingly:

Born: October 25, 1952
Residence: Maarab
Occupation: War Criminal
Home town: Bsharre
Known for: Assasinations and Killing Civilians
Predecessor: Fouad Abou Nader
Political party: Lebanese Forces
Religious beliefs: Maronite
Spouse: Sitrida Taouk Geagea

Listening to many, it is not all that far from the truth:

In one of the most notorious events of the war, Samir Geagea of Bcharré amassed several hundred militiamen, went into the home of Tony Franjieh (son of President Suleiman Franjieh) in Ehden and proceeded to kill him and his entire family as they slept. While this was explained by political differences between the two families, in fact it had its roots in a feud between the Geageas and the Franjiehs, which dates back to the 19th century. At that time, according to local (Bcharré) lore, a Geagea woman was killed by two Ehden men after offering them water and food. In response Bcharré’s residents burden down the town of Ehden and killed many of its inhabitants.

On Geagea’s visit, he has met with top State and Defense Department officials responsible for Near and Middle Eastern affairs, including NSC advisor Elliot Abrams, whose expertise on the Middle East and North Africa was elucidated to me when he explained to a friend in the DoS that although there was no real geopolitical reason (aside from arms sales, which have been on the decline) to support Morocco’s claim/occupation of the Western Sahara since the Cold War had ended his persistent support for the Moroccan position derived from the fact that “I just like Moroccans.” Perhaps his affection for Mr. Geagea comes from a similar impulse.

Abrams said, “We were impressed by the loyalty and patriotism of all the March 14 leaders, and their willingness to work for their country, but we waited for long time for you Dr Geagea. Now that I have met you I feel honored and I want to welcome you back to Washington.

I Believe you said that what was needed was faith and perseverance and effort. Here I disagree with you a bit. What is required is what you have proven through faith, perseverance, effort and courage untold. Therefore, I salute you of all what you have done and I am honored to be with you and welcome you to Washington.


4 thoughts on “Wikipedia on Geagea

  1. Geagea is no white lamb and he paid for it dearly. Like many Lebanese politicians of his time, he was a cold blooded killer and a feudal lord. As for his involvement in Dany Chamoun assassination, it was never proven, if I am not mistaken. And the crime certainly did not profit him. On the other hand, it strongly profited Afez El Assad.

  2. Dear Gentlemen’s,
    Dr.Geagea is freed of all the fraud charge he have been accused. Hence, no one have the right to describe Dr.Geagea cheaply unless he is cheep. By no mean, God will never forget any sinner and will never give his grace for those who handles in their hearts devil and heats.
    God bless you Dr. Geagea, you are the leader of the resistance and the most loyal leader to your people. May Jesus surround you and protect you.

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