I am often asked about my views on Ayaan Hirsi Ali; I am uninpressed and believe that she makes problems faced by Muslim communities worse by fomenting xenophobia and feeding off of bigotry. Anyway, after having left Holland to come to America, she is now hoping to become a French citizen after the American government refused to pay for her 24-hour security protection.

Theo van Gogh, was murdered in 2004 by a Muslim extremist on the streets of Amsterdam. A note attached to van Gogh’s body threatened Hirsi Ali with a similar fate.Since then she has lived under constant security surveillance, and in 2006 she left Europe for the United States. The Dutch government announced last October (more…) that it would no longer cover the cost of her around-the-clock protection. The American government refused to pick up the tab because she is a foreign national, obliging her to find independent funding.

Here is my question: The article seems to imply that the US government offers those citizens that need it 24-hour security coverage. If this is the case, why not just become an American citizen? Is she foaming at the mouth with anti-American fervor? Her friends at AEI might make the case that a foreigner who comes to this country for less than two years and demands that the taxpayer put up the cost for an enteroge that can be paid with private funding was behaving not quite like an American. Perhaps we should deport her. [Sarcasim off.] Meanest post ever.


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