A friend of mine told me that Magharebia, the trilingual USEUCOM news website, was “biased” in favor of Morocco. Why? Because its main page describes Morocco’s making the African Cup of Nations soccer tournament as a “dive into” this year’s games. “Would they say this about Algeria? They would probably say ‘Algerians hobble to African Cup of Nations!'” He also added that the websites news stories are “always trying to make Algeria look worse than Morocco”. “They always use bland language when they talk about ES Setif or JSK, never anything exciting like this.” Admittedly, I’ve never seen headlines on that site about Algerian teams “diving” anywhere, even when they were at the head of the Arab leagues or their own national one. Maghrabia is, after all, an American website, and Morocco is country with a “special relationship”. I told him that the American military doesn’t care about Third World soccer competitions. To find their real bias, you have to look at their coverage of the North African basket ball teams!


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